Resource pack là một loại mod cho trò chơi Minecraft, được sử dụng để thay đổi các tài nguyên đồ họa của trò chơi. Resource pack thay đổi các texture, âm thanh, hình ảnh và các thành phần khác của trò chơi Minecraft, tạo ra một trải nghiệm chơi game khác biệt. Nó cho phép người chơi tùy chỉnh và thay đổi cách mà thế giới Minecraft được hiển thị, tạo ra các phong cách riêng biệt, cảm giác riêng và thậm chí thế giới hoàn toàn mới. Resource pack có thể được tải xuống và cài đặt miễn phí từ các trang web chia sẻ mod và người chơi có thể tùy chỉnh chúng để tạo ra trải nghiệm chơi game độc đáo.

Chọn resource pack mà bạn muốn trải nghiệm, tải về dễ dàng!

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Phiên bản ['1.11', '1.12']

Erivale is certainly a resource pack that hit the market by storm when it was launched. Erivale resource pack, at first, was developed to make the substantial features of the earlier Werian pack much better, but then, the developers came to notice that Erivale’s theme and art style differed away…


Phiên bản ['1.6', '1.18', '1.17', '1.19', '1.15', '1.16', '1.14', '1.12', '1.13']

Are you searching for a distinctive and refreshing look for Minecraft? If yes, then the PastelCraft resource pack can be a good recommendation for you! Please note that it’s designed by XradicalD. Most of minecraft texture packs are modern, simplistic or medieval and have a specific art style to follow….

Fancy Skies

Phiên bản ['1.18', '1.17', '1.19', '1.15', '1.16', '1.14']

The Fancy Skies resource pack does precisely what its title implies: It turns Minecraft’s sky into an attractive sight. Vanilla Minecraft’s sky is ordinary, and although it looks beautiful at first, it can become lackluster over time. Fancy Skies changes the view into a stunning beauty that you’ll love to…

Soartex Invictus

Phiên bản ['1.15', '1.7', '1.16', '1.14', '1.12', '1.11', '1.9', '1.13', '1.8', '1.10']

Transform your Minecraft world into a realistic depiction of everyday life with the Soartex Invictus resource pack. If you fall into the category of veteran players, you probably came across the original Soartex pack at some point. This fan-made continuation of it follows the same style in an attempt to…


Phiên bản ['1.18', '1.17', '1.15', '1.16', '1.14', '1.12', '1.11', '1.13']

Do you want to encounter the fascinating Minecraft action? Then hold tight and try the Excalibur resource pack which has been introduced to offer a wonderful experience. With its use, you can employ multiple types of antiquated and fancy themes that will make your game and endeavor that you cannot…

Iris Shaders

Phiên bản ['1.18', '1.19']

One of the most popular releases in the shaders community, the Iris shader pack is a modern take and a game-changer as far as Minecraft add-ons go. There are multiple reasons behind its massive popularity and interest among players of all types, and it all stems from a new technology…


Phiên bản ['1.18', '1.19', '1.4', '1.12', '1.8']

The Glazin texture pack is designed to be smooth, giving players the clarity and high performance they deserve. The pack sets itself apart without innovative ideas, groundbreaking and never before seen features, or even a unique and original art style. It blends in with the ever-expanding list of Minecraft resource…

Wolfhound Seasons

Phiên bản ['1.18', '1.17', '1.19', '1.15', '1.16', '1.14', '1.13']

Initially released in 2012, the Wolfhound resource pack for Minecraft has remained a fan favorite over the years. Allowing for smoother textures are a variety of other enhancements the add-on continues to be downloaded by old and new players alike. In an effort to keep the content fresh the creator…


Phiên bản ['1.11', '1.12', '1.9', '1.13', '1.8', '1.10']

Are you a Minecraft player? Do you want to add more color and vibrancy to your game? If yes, then you have surely landed on the right page. Well, Triton resource pack can be so apt for you if you want to make your Minecraft game theme more colorful, eye-catching,…

Crops 3D

Phiên bản ['1.18', '1.17', '1.19', '1.15', '1.16', '1.14', '1.13']

The Crops 3D resource pack should sound familiar to a log of Minecraft players. This popular resource pack comes with a twist in terms of the visual changes it introduces which sets it apart from most other resource packs. Minecraft has thousands of different resource packs. Some of them are…